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Gail Anderson, Operations Manager

Advanced Minnesota’s Industrial Training and Assessment Programs are customized specifically for you or your team, with the future in mind. We understand life gets busy—which is why we offer our programs anywhere, anytime. Our online curriculum or off-site cohorts can be scheduled and positioned closer to what works for you.Our customized training is designed and implemented specifically for your team. Our instructors will travel to where your team is located to train a new process or technique. Not only is the training the best in the northland, it’s the most convenient too. Our industrial training programs are heavily built around the Mining and Manufacturing industries of NE Minnesota but can be customized to your needs anywhere.

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NHED and Iron Range Resources

Roy Smith, Executive Director of Talent and Workforce Development

In May 2006, Iron Range Resources partnered with the Northeast Minnesota Higher Education District in hiring a coordinator for regional workforce development. The purpose of the collaboration is to more closely link economic development and educational efforts to develop a regional workforce with the talents and skills required by area businesses to successfully compete in the 21st century.

Both organizations recognized that the region is at a "tipping point" in terms of worker quality and availability. The workforce in northeastern Minnesota is older than both state and national averages leading to massive retirement projections over the next several years. Statistics indicate a need to replace 75,000 jobs over the next decade due to retirements alone. Given the decreasing size of the workforce and a decline in school enrollment, finding skilled workers to fill these positions will be a daunting task. At the same time the region is looking at the potential of $5 billion in proposed major economic development projects in ferrous, base, precious metals mining and processing, forestry and forest products, and advanced energy technology. One factor in determining whether this potential is realized will be the readiness and availability of the workforce necessary to capitalize on the opportunities.


Carmen Bradach, Chief Human Resource Officer

The human resources and payroll staff serve the employees of the Northeast Minnesota Higher Education District member colleges. The staff is committed to providing superior personnel/payroll services to the employees, including coordinating searches and the hiring process. The ultimate goal is obtaining and retaining faculty and support personnel who will best serve students.

Responsibilities include classification, labor relations, benefits, applicant services, personnel and payroll transactions, and training.

NESU Functions

Grants, MAPS Reconciliation, Collaborative Projects

Karen Kedrowski, Vice President of Finance & Administration

The Northeast Service Unit is a core group that provides administrative and financial services to the colleges of the Northeast Higher Education District in the specific areas of institutional research, library on-line cataloging, fiscal management of federal grants and other region-side collaborative initiatives.

Current federal programs at NHED colleges include:

Hibbing Community College

Student Support Services

Upward Bound

Itasca Community College

Student Support Services

Upward Bound

Talent Search

National Science Foundation Engineering,

Science and Math

Mesabi Range College

Student Support Services

True North Upward Bound

True North Upward Bound Math & Science

Rainy River Community College

Student Support Services

Vermilion Community College

Student Support Services

Region-wide collaborative initiatives to date include the following programs:

Applied Learning Institute

Advanced Minnesota

Itasca Nursing Education Consortium

Northeast Alliance for Technology