Missions, Values & Vision

Purpose of the Northeast Higher Education District

The NHED will create an environment that:
· Increases access and improved learning opportunities for students;
· Focuses presidential leadership, at both the regional and community (institutional) levels;
· Increases coordination and joint planning among institutions;
· Improves alignment with regional businesses, industries, organizations, and education providers; and
· Ensures full, independent Higher Learning Commission (HLC) accreditation for each of the member colleges.

NHED Principles

The NHED Plan is built on these principles:
· Student and community needs drive planning and institutional structures;
· A unique blend of regional collaboration and local decision-making results in collective resource use, coordination and planning for Northeastern Minnesota;
· Long-term institutional stability is a prerequisite for effective institutional planning, decision-making, and educational program implementation; and
· Benchmarking, assessment, and on-going refinement of programs and services are vital to institutional effectiveness and success.

NHED Vision

The NHED will enhance student access and learning options throughout the region and will focus on each member college’s connection to the community.

What Does the Vision Mean?

Students enrolling in NHED colleges will discover full-service institutions that are independent, yet strengthened through their interdependence, sharing of resources and programs, connection to communities, and participation in the economic development of the entire Northeast region. Strong local leadership will remain fully empowered to represent and to manage the college, and the district president and college leaders will collectively invest resources to strengthen instruction; create of align programs; and achieve true ‘centers of excellence’ across northeastern Minnesota. In this way students will be offered a well-rounded educational experience, and will be continuously assured of access to excellence, through on-going assessment and investment of resources in ways that better meet the needs of northeastern Minnesota.

NHED Mission and Goals

The NHED will provide quality higher education to the communities throughout northeastern Minnesota by developing a regional structure that will preserve college autonomy but will also align programs and services to better prepare residents for learning, employment, citizenship, and life.

What Does the Mission Mean?

By creating a balance between local autonomy and regional unity, the NHED colleges will be positioned as resources for the region’s communities, employers, and students. Acknowledging that the future will be marked by continued growth in competition, NHED colleges will find ways to expand potential student markets to include the incumbent workforce, and will develop institutional niches as a result. In this way NHED colleges will be truly anchored to their communities and capable of cooperating with other colleges to cost-effectively provide quality education for smaller numbers of students. To do this, NHED colleges will share institutional services, increase instructional investment, and reward creativity and innovation.